jray 2016 baa winners

Amanda Dayhoff, 2016 JRAY Actress of the Year and Tristan McIntyre, 2016 JRAY Supporting Actor of the Year.


2015 jray winners

Kelsey Kato, 2015 JRAY Actor of the Year and Nicole Morris, 2015 JRAY Supporting Actress of the Year.

2015 JRAY Winners: Kelsey Kato and Nicole Morris. Nicole’s performance at the BAA showcase caught the eye of a casting agent, who is currently representing her. Nicole also landed an audition, with a callback, for an ABC Christmas Special.

2014 JRAY winners

2014 JRAY Actor and Actress of the year. Eli Labinger, LA County School of the Arts, and Kyra Johnson, Palos Verdes High School.

2014 JRAY Winners: Eli Labinger and Kyra Johnson. Seen at the BAA showcase for NYC casting directors and agents, Kyra was cast as Sophie in “Mamma Mia” for a one-year National Tour.